a night out in Baltimore: Mediterranean food & Pete Yorn

Fells Point

Fells Point

Nothing like some good ol’ live music to pull you back into the moment, right?

A long, otherwise boring day that started with 7 am power yoga followed by nine hours in an office (with lots of intermittent daydreaming of far-off lands and friends) ended on an exceptional note– a mouthwatering dinner and a night of musical revelry.

We started the evening in Fells Point– at 6 pm and still light, I was beyond grateful for daylight saving’s time despite still dragging even more than usual from spending one less vital hour in the arms of Morpheus over the weekend.  The vegan struck gold once again with her choice in restaurant–everything we ordered at Mezze, specializing in Mediterranean small plates, was delicious.

After dinner, our party split, and two of us headed towards the concert venue that was playing host to Ben Kweller and Pete Yorn for the night.  I can’t afford to carry on with any sort of verbosity here, as I have a final paper that I should be prioritizing, but I’m not sure I even want to reduce what ultimately was just an enjoyable evening of energetic performances by both musicians to mere words.Standing directly in front of the stage was close enough to observe that PY was sporting a wedding band.  It appears that some lucky lady has snatched up this beautiful and talented hunk of a man.

I’m not even upset with my heels or knees for screaming after four hours of standing in ballet flats or stressed about the need to write a final paper in the next two days that will largely determine my grade.

Bottom line: I need some more live music in my life.

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